Money Pit?

Last November we found a 2006 F450 Lariat 6.0L dually long bed with 72,000 miles on it to haul our rig for about $20k. Which honestly is a steal, because new this trucks around $80k and used normally around $50k. It was almost too good to be true, we had it looked at, just minor things needed to be fixed nothing major. It was destitute to be ours, we found it in November and finally picked it up after the new year.

Dempsey drove his dream truck off the lot, we went to dinner, and when we went to leave the truck wouldn't start. So we took it back, bad relay. Then the radio stopped working and the electric locks do not work. Then we needed new tires, this takes priority over everything! So $1200 for 6-semi tires later, the radiator resevior blew up, his truck started over heating and this had to be fix on the spot because his truck would over heat while driving it. This was a $300 fix.

Everything is good until his lower radiator hose blows off. $120 fix for a new hose, new hose clamps, new radiator fluid, and the truck was down for 3 days.

Couple months later the hose blows again. This time we find a decided to quit fixing it ourself and find a shop to do it for us. We found B & C Auto Repair in Vista. A fantastic small family owned garage that looked at The Beast told us everything we needed (new hoses, clamps, radiator) and we did an oil change too. Final total $1200

We haven't had this truck a year yet and we are almost $3000 in to repairs. SERIOUSLY! and we aren't finished yet! Super annoyed.

Work left on The Beast:

- radio still doesn't work

- the power locks still don't work

- the power windows are acting wonky

- needs new breaks

- 5 cylinder isn't firing properly, that alone is pricey because you have to remove the entire passenger side of the engine

- the truck bed blows!

Now the truck needs a new bed. The knucklehead who had the truck before us put a 2004 bed on a 2006 truck. They did a half-assed job at it and now the bed is literally falling off. The tailgate has fallen off there is no chance of repairing that, the sides are falling out, and I really think the only reason it hasn't fall off yet is because of the toolbox. New bed $5000.

If you are keeping track we are almost $10,000 for a truck we spent $20k for. This damn thing better be a million mile truck by the time we are done with it.