It's only a matter of time before shit hits the fan. What is in your survival bag? Do you have enough items to survive on? Here are some of our favorite items:

- Field medical training: Med Training Group LLC, Veteran-owned and operated, all instructors are Physician Assistant, Medical Doctors, Emergency Medical Technicians, and most have served in various degrees of the special operations field whither its military or law enforcement.



- Augason Farms: Nutritious & Delicious Survival Food for Long Term Storage

- Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply Pail

- Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply

- MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box A, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus, Menus 1-12

- MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box B, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus, Menus 13-24

- Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch (Pack of 66), 125ml


- Pocket Reference Cards

- Pulse Oximeter

- The Minimalist - Aid Bag w/ Black Min bag, Min Med Supplies, Pocket Mask, Adv Min Med Supplies

- The Medic - Aid Bag w/ Medical Supplies

- CAT Tourniquet

- Gloves: Black Maxx (large)

- TacMed K9 Handler Trauma Kit


- Ready Dog Tactical Canine First Aid / Trauma Kit

- Colorfulhouse® Waterproof Pet Boots for Medium to Large Dogs Labrador Husky Shoes 4 Pcs

- Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

- OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness Training Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches

- Hi & Dry™ Saddlebag Cover

- Ruffwear Palisades Pack

- Ruffwear Brush Guard


- Best Glide Emergency Survival Fishing Kit (15-Piece)

- MilitaryLensatic/Prismatic Sighting Compass with Pouch

- Military Folding Shovel - Portable Multitool Tactical Entrenching Tool for Camping, Compass Backpacking Outdoor Hiking, Garden Snow Heavy Duty Emergency Survival Gear Sports & Outdoors (Black)

- Survival Kit for Trapping by Thompson Snares

- LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

- POTABLE AQUA PA+Plus Water Purification

- Stanley 55-045 7-1/2-Inch Wonder Bar II Pry Bar


- Gamo Varmint Air Rifle

- The Scout Hunting Slingshot

- 1000 qty 3/8" Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo Balls

- Rothco 2-Pocket Ammo Pouch Wallet

- Mace Brand Pepper Mace Defense Spray- Jogger Model

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