Process In Change

This month has brought about some drastic changes in our household. Dempsey retired from the military, we moved from San Diego where we have spent the last 3 years with friends who became family, Patrick and Bella will both be homeschooled. Now while I try to update this site, I realize I'm a slacker and could be doing a lot better. But on to the interesting stuff.

We moved from San Diego to Hidden Meadows, CA. You might not find it on the map, so just look for Escondido and Temecula, we are located half way in-between the two. We found a super quant RV resort that will allow us to stay here full-time while Dempsey is still working and we are paying off our debt.

So much has happened at one time that it feels like we are spinning our tires, but I know we are gaining some sort of traction because we are progressing forward. It may not be at a rapid pace, but it is at a pace. Change for long term is slow, rapid change you are bound for failure and set back. Everyday we take in a little bit more of how we can make ourselves better, how we can save a couple dollars and apply it to our debt so we can be stronger and not have to worry so much. We are trying to teach ourselves and our children about money and budgeting and its not the easiest thing to do. We became complacent with the security of a military paycheck. We knew living paycheck to paycheck was hard but now we are in the real world where things are run differently.

It was nice to be able to start this process while Dempsey was still active duty. We were able to pay down some debt super fast, and being to get things in proper order. But now I would be lying if I didn't tell you the next couple of month scare the hell out of me. We are having to be super conscious of what comes out when, where all of our money goes, and when it gets there. Which is almost a two sided coin, yes it time consuming, annoying and budgeting just plain sucks. But its also nice to know ahead of time where things are coming from and how much you'll have.

Our good friends Chris and Robin gave us a the The Total Money Makeover and The Total Money Makeover Workbook by Dave Ramsey. I won't lie and tell you it was easy reading, a simple plan to follow, or hell even easy to change and do. Because it was not, however we did it, we are following the simple plan that is offered to us and finding out that it is working. It is a slow and steady process but it is still a process.

Well I'm not exactly sure where this post was originally supposed to go, but here is where it is ending.My kids are crazy, my husband is amazing, my friends are fabulous, and I'm here. Till next time.

Happy Camping <3

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