23 Signs It's Summer Vacation

The temps are high, the days are long, the smell of freshly mowed lawns fills the air, and the sound of kids whining, “I’m bored” engulfs your senses. Ahhh, summer vacation … that magical time of year when the kids are home. All. Day. Long. As a parent, I have a love/hate relationship with summer vacation. On the one hand, I love that my kids are home and no one has to get up early! But on the other hand, I really hate that all I do all day long is pick up “stuff” and do dishes!

Here are 23 tell-tale signs it’s summer vacation …

1. There are more dishes lying around the house than in the cabinets.

2. You wash 47 beach towels a day.

3. You just went to the grocery store yesterday, but your pantry and fridge are empty.

4. You’re suddenly the social director in charge of curing everyone’s boredom.

5. You can’t keep track of how many friends are sleeping over and how many of your kids are sleeping over at friends’ houses.

6. Video games are always on (even when not being played.)

7. You hear “I’m bored” 15 times a day.

8. You can never remember what day it is or when you last washed your hair.

9. You never seem to have enough toilet paper.

10. At any given time, there are 7 bikes in your front yard.

11. You’re not late to work every day because you don’t have to try to wake up your daughter and drop her off at school first.

12. There are half-full cups of assorted beverages in every room.

13. Your floors are sticky. Always.

14. If you have tweens or teens, you hear cell phones buzzing until 4am but the kids don’t emerge from their rooms until 2pm.

15. The kids open and close the doors to go in and out so often that there are flies in the house.

16. No matter how many times you vacuum, the floor is still covered in Legos and “stuff.”

17. There are always more kids in your house than you gave birth to.

18. You get 10 calls a day from your kids tattling on one another.

19. Your boys insist that since they swam in the pool, they don’t need a shower. FOR DAYS.

20. There’s a giant fort in the family room, and you don’t care because the kids are actually getting along and playing together!

21. Instead of getting to binge on your favorite shows on Netflix, it’s Doc McStuffins or Phineas and Ferb all day long.

22. You’ve gone through 3 bottles of sunscreen.

23. You haven’t had to set an alarm in a month.

23 Signs It's Summer Vacation by Dawn Meehan

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