Family vacation

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, it's off to Lake Tahoe we go! Michelle, here! Back in April some good friends of ours, Cameron and Becky, came up with wonderful idea of meeting up to get our families together. After looking and deciding on where to meet up, we pick Lake Tahoe. We decided on which week, rented a pet friendly house and then strayed to count down the weeks.

June 28th FINALLY came, we loaded up the truck and we were on our way. 9.5 hours from San Diego to Lake Tahoe. We knew California was in a drought but you really don't notice how bad until you get up toward Napa Country. The picture above is not sand dunes, that is dead grass, and it's only June!

The scenery was beautiful, the air smelled wonderful, it was just amazing. But it took us getting into the Tahoe National Forest to see greenery again, but it's ok the drive was amazing.

Toward the end of our drive I was over driving. I just wanted to be out of the vehicle. Yes, I admit I get restless but holy crap after driving across the country TWICE, in three days, in the last yes you would be too.

We made it to the cabin, and my kids finally saw what light at the end of the tunnel. They were ecstatic to see their friends that they haven't seen in two years!

Well I will leave you for now. I can't wait to write about the rest of our adventure in Lake Tahoe.

Till next time ❤️

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