Hello World!

Hello, I'm Michelle and I'm new to this whole blogging and vlogging thing, so please bear with me. So much is going to happen, change, and come about that I'm not sure as to where to start or stop. Right now it is all very overwhelming to me. I guess I could start as with the reason I'm starting to blog.

The biggest reason is my kids, they are growing so fast and so many things are happening that I do not want to forget everything that they have done or been though. Their accomplishments, successes, milestones, and failures. Failures are a very important part of growing up, it's what lets me know if I'm doing a good job when I see you successfully handle a difficult situation.

We have been slowly selling everything we own and getting ready to move into a travel trailer, which will be an interesting time in itself. My husband is getting ready to retire and this is going to bring on a whole new set of challenges. Blogging along will give me an out to express and get opinions on how to fix and solve problems. It will also allow our family and friends to follow us on our adventures.

I can not wait to share our life and all of our adventures with you.

Till next time ❤️

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