Fulltime Families Explorers

We took the best parts of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides and then took out the tedious parts, like the need to have different siblings in different programs, uniforms and neckerchiefs.  Oh, and we made sure the actual elements would literally fit into our lifestyle and not be too heavy or cumbersome.

Introducing the Fulltime Families Explorer Program

The FtF Explorer Program is a family centered program intended to support leadership, creativity, and community centered activities for boys and girls. 

The FtF Explorer Motto is: Seek, Learn, Share

The FtF Explorer Mission is: To foster strong family values, leadership, creativity, safety awareness, community spirit and individual exploration.

This is a family centered program, and Explorers are encouraged to work with their siblings in the program toward achieving common goals.

The four levels are:

Year 1 Star Gazer

Year 2 Pioneer

Year 3 Path Finder

Year 4 Trail Blazer

 FtF Explorers will have the opportunity to earn up to 36 badges a year. In order move on to the next level of participation an Explorer must earn a minimum of 24 of the 36 badges in the course of one year.​

The Star Gazer Level Badges are:

  • RV Maintenance Badge

  • Pet Caretaker Badge

  • Culinary Badge

  • Field Trip/ Picnic Planner Badge

  • Handy Helper Badge

  • Road Scholarship Badge

  • Curriculum Planning Badge

  • Mighty Readers Badge

  • History Detective Badge

  • Water Safety Badge

  • Fire Safety Badge

  • Crafters Badge

  • Fitness Badge

  • Good sportsmanship Badge

  • Entrepreneurial Badge

  • Showmanship Badge

  • Explore with Rambler

  • Astrology Badge

  • Geology Badge

  • Pot Luck Badge

  • FTF Participation Event participation Badge

  • Good Campground Citizen Badge

  • Elderly Appreciation Badge

  • Community Building Badge

  • Mighty Readers Badge

  • Year of Community Badges (12)

  •  FtF Book Club Badge

  •  Flash Badges

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